EPK – Matthew Tavis-Johnson

Genre: Classical Music / Contemporary Pop

Matthew Tavis-Johnson

Matthew Tavis-Johnson is a singer / songwriter originally from the Applegate Valley of Oregon.  He is a self-taught contemporary pianist, vocalist, bassist, and born entertainer. He is the son of renowned pianist David Rhys-Johnson with whom Matthew has ppreviously toured across the country and around the world. Matthew began composing complex melodies in his teens.  Matthew often adds an untaught dramatic classical spin to the pop driven mix. Matthew’s musical influences span a wide range of genres. Muse is often brought up as a key influence in his songwriting but he has also been influenced by others include The Strokes, Within Temptation and My Chemical Romance. All of this becomes clever elements that contribute to the unique and hard to describe but instantly embraceable sound of The Evening Shades. He is endlessly driven to share the creative wonderment that is music.Matthew performs both as a solo artist and is currently the bass & keyboards in the band, The Evening Shades.


Sample music of Matthew Tavis-Johnson


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Recent bookings:

  • The Village Gate at The Village at Medford Center – Medford, OR
  • EdenVale Enoteca Wine Bar & Bistro – Ashland, OR
  • South Stage Cellars – Jacksonville, OR
  • The Springs at Anna Maria – Medford, OR
  • Rogue Valley Country Club – Medford, OR


Recorded music released by Matthew Tavis – Johnson


Matthew Tavis-Johnson Typical Set List (Originals & some covers)

Originals Covers
Lightning Opus 10
Upstairs at the Van Dyke Love Story
 Rise Above
 A summer in Gainesville
 In the Clouds…
 Within Bright Colors
 To a faraway land
 Black keys prelude
 Key West
 Natsuki’s song
 Walk with me
Full of Happiness
 Ode to the Pacific
Final thoughts
End of Judah
Running through dandelions
Chasing a dream
Autumn in Oregon
 Moon light

More info at: Official Band Web Site.