Jon Galfano & The Stormchasers

Genre:  Classic Rock

Jon Galfano & The Stormchasers are a rocking band focused on cranked up classic rock from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. They let the beat drive the energy and get people up and dancing. This is not a band you will see at the local watering hole on any given weekend. They are very selective and limited on the number of shows they will play in a year. Jon Galfano & The Stormchasers specialize in classic rock, from The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Creedence Clearwater, The Eagles, The Doobie Brothers, Pink Floyd with some blues thrown if for good measure.

Like an elusive storm front from Jon’s days as the ‘singing weatherman’, you never know when they will pop up next or how long you’ll have to wait until they do. This is one band not to miss when the occasion arises!



Members of Jonny G & The Stormchasers:

  • Jon Galfano – Vocals; Guitar
  • Rick Bolz – Bass
  • Tim Bullard – Drums

Sample Music of Jon Galfano & The Stormchasers


Recent bookings:

  • J’Ville Tavern – Jacksonville
  • Homestead Pub – Rogue River
  • Cascade Bingo – White City
  • Rogue Valley Country Club – Medford
  • Twin Creeks Retirement – Central Point
  • The Springs at Veranda Park – Medford
  • Ashland Blues Society – Talent
  • The Lodge at Shady Cove – Shady Cove
  • Galice Resort – Galice
  • Laughing Clam – Grants Pass


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Music Video



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