Tom Silver is a world renowned Hypnotist that performers all over the world. Form Australia to Sweden, Japan, to Italy, Tom is in demand. He is a world class Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, Motivational Trainer, and Stage Hypnotist.

Hypnotist, and Stage Hypnotist – He has performed at half time events for NBA and Major Collegiate teams, been a featured guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Rikki Lake Show, Montel Williams, and many more, and has frequently been a guest on the Bill Maher Radio Show.

Hypnotherapist, Motivational Trainer – Tom has conducted motivational trainings and stage hypnosis shows for many major corporations including, Microsoft, 3M, Toyota, Costco, Atlantic Richfield, and other prominent corporations around the world. He also personally hypnotized various Major Collegiate sports teams, NBA Players, Screen Actors, and others to increase their belief in themselves to play better more successful sports. Tom also has helped people quit smoking with the help of hypnosis.

Tom is available as a Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, Motivational Trainer, and Stage Hypnotist. When tom is not on tour he is available for local events at a reasonable price.

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