Solo & Duo Artists

The musicians below perform as Solo & Duo Artists covering numerous genres of music for a variety of events. The Oregon Booking Agency works with several local musicians to provide quality live entertainment. From Classic Rock to Classical Music; Folk to Alternative; Original Indie Rock to Oldies, these musicians cover the spectrum of music.

  Jon Galfano   

Solo / Duo Artists


Wildheart Music, featuring Carla Bauer
Jen Ambrose Wildheart Music featuring Carla Bauer Ambrose & Galfano
Genre: Folk / Americana / Roots / Blues / Jazz / Pop / Rock Genre: Light Rock / Pop Genre: Light Rock / Pop
Jon Galfano
Jon Galfano
David Pinsky & Phil Newton Matt Spurlock
Genre: Classic Rock / Oldies/ Classical & Contemporary Piano Genre: Delta Blues / Blues / Oldies Genre: Alternative / Pop / Classic Rock

Establishing a music program is a specialty of ours. Please contact us to see how we can help your business establish a music program that makes economic sense. We also are well versed in enhance a company outing, sales drive or business open house. Atmosphere helps drive sales contact us to see how we can help with your next event.

Whether you have an established music program or are interested in exploring the benefits of live music at your venue, Solo & Duo Artists are an economical place to start to bring or enhance a music program. Live music is just another tool to help drive sales or establish atmosphere. Live music will help bring some people thru the door, but should not be expected to drive sales. It is after all just another tool to help your business to be competitive.